Senior goodbye: Aleja Barrera-Cruz

Aleja Barrera-Cruz

Dear Archbishop Carroll, underclassmen, and faculty, 

It has been quite the experience attending this school. First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for all that this experience has done for me. In my four years at Archbishop John Carroll, I have grown to become a more responsible and compassionate individual. Not only has this school molded me academically, but it also has helped me to flourish socially, and even seek a connection with God. I have been fortunate enough to call Archbishop Carroll my home and wish that this legacy continues with future Patriots. Unlike other high schools, Archbishop Carroll has unique opportunities that can make anyone feel like they fit in and are heard. I hope that with time, more people begin to take advantage of all that Carroll has to offer. 

To the amazing underclassmen, I  urge you to take advantage of Carroll’s amazing qualities. With each new class that has entered Carroll, I learned a new lesson. Because they are trying their best to fit into a new environment, the freshman class has taught me to be more patient. Also, because disagreements are common, the sophomores taught me to be more kind. Lastly, the junior class taught me to appreciate the people around me more with the limited time I have with them. Leaving those who I have spent the last three years with is heartbreaking. With time, I hope you also learn to love Carroll the way I do. I am forever thankful for the experiences I have shared with the Carroll community. Do not shy away from trying new things, and never be afraid to let your voice be heard. Because during these last few years, many events and experiences have been discarded, I urge you to make the most of the time you have left. 

Lastly, my biggest thank you must go to the Archbishop Carroll faculty and staff. 

Each teacher and administrator has constantly and willingly chosen to take time out of their day to go above and beyond in an already difficult and tedious job. I would personally like to recognize your efforts. Because of your hard work and dedication, Archbishop Carroll is a community where students can feel safe and supported. . Each of you has motivated me in a different way and pushed me to my best. The faculty and staff are the heart and soul of the school; you are what makes this school so special. 

With Love,

Aleja Barrera-Cruz