Senior goodbye: John Terembula

John Terembula

Dear Carroll friends, 

Throughout my years at Carroll, I have made a few friends. These people will stay with me for the rest of my life. Even if we do not talk, the memories we shared will always be something that I can look back on and smile at. Not only did I meet these people but I also grew with them. I have seen everyone grow from weird freshmen into less weird seniors. 

Some of my favorite memories at Carroll are with these people. Tech week was always a good time. Running around hanging lights, then running a show was always something that exemplified comradery at Archbishop Carroll. Even though the activities were fun, nothing beats just hanging around waiting after school. I have so many fun memories of me and a few others just sitting around talking. As a freshman and sophomore, waiting for my mom was made bearable just by talking to my friends. Even when we were all online we would all still communicate daily. While this was a difficult time for everyone in the school, it didn’t feel so bad when I had such great people to talk with. Some of my fondest memories are from that time, like ate-night discord calls while we were each doing our own things. Those moments made me feel like we were all hanging out together in the same room. These moments from high school will forever be in my mind as some of the most fun I have ever had with friends. 

Thank you all for the wonderful memories and support throughout my 4 years at Carroll. I will spend the rest of my life looking for people who are as interesting as the friends I’ve made here. I truly feel that no one will be quite as cool as you all. I wish all of you luck in your future endeavors in college and beyond. 


John Terembula