Changes made at lunch to protect against COVID-19 infections


Fr. Mark Cavara speaks to students in the cafeteria, where desks have replaced tables so social distancing can be enforced.

Sasha Lockett, Staff writer

Because of COVID-19, procedures and the selection at lunch have changed to ensure the safety of the students and faculty members at Archbishop Carroll High School.

In the cafeteria, students are no longer allowed to sit at group tables and are now placed at separated desks. Students are called up to get lunch by their grade and practice social distancing in the lunch line. 

 “At first it was weird to not eat lunch with your friends but you eventually get used to it and it’s not that bad,” said Anna Winslow, a junior 

Teachers can eat lunch in the faculty dining room and sit at common tables. However, only three people at most can sit at a big table and they have to socially distance. Teachers also have the option to eat in their department office if they practice social distancing.

 “I like the food but I miss the hot entrees and side dishes we used to get, but that food was served buffet style, and each of us spooned what we wanted onto our plates but that’s not safe during the pandemic,” said Diane Gimpel, an English teacher.

 Aramark, an American food service, provides lunch at Carroll differently than it has before. Food like fries, wraps, pizza, salads, and sandwiches are now placed in containers to keep everyone safe.

 “I like that the food is placed in separate wrappings so I don’t have to worry if someone touched my food before me.” said Awtum Mintze, a junior.