Kairos 101 postponed until January

Matthew Boccella, Staff writer

Kairos 101 has been postponed once more. Now, instead of a trip in October, Kairos 101 will be in January. In addition, two more Kairos retreats will happen next year — one in March and one in July.

The new dates are: Kairos 101, January 12-15; Kairos 102, March 16-19; and Kairos 103, July 21-24.

Kairos is a three-day, three-night religious retreat for upperclassmen. 

“I thought Kairos was a wholesome reflection of my religious life with a good community,” said Danny Remar, a Kairos retreatant and Carroll alumnus.

Kairos 101 had been planned for the summer but was rescheduled for October because of concerns about the pandemic. Kairos organizer Father Mark Cavara, director of campus ministry, rescheduled it again after sports, which had been postponed because of the pandemic, restarted once again. Because of that, fall athletes who had planned to attend October Kairos could no longer do so.

My biggest philosophy in life is to never do something poorly or half way if you do not have to,” Fr. Cavara said. “Even though I have full confidence in my student and adult leaders to pull off this retreat with only 11  [participants], we felt that the experience would not have been the same with that capacity size.”

Senior Theresas Pham said she agreed with Fr. Cavara’s decision to postpone the Kairos retreat again.

“[I]t only happens a couple times a year and there should be enough people to make it count,” Pham said.

Everyone who was signed up for the October Kairos will have a spot on any of the later dates, Fr. Cavara said.