ACTS plans fall festival to replace fall musical

Nicholas Volpe, Staff writer

Instead of a fall musical, the Archbishop Carroll Theater Society will have a fall festival — a talent show in which  which  students will be able to sing, act out a scene, dance, or perform a musical number with instruments. 

No date has been set for the event. In the past, ACTS’ fall musical happened in mid to late November.

The theme of the fall festival is “Waving through a Window.”

Auditions for the fall festival were October 11, but entries still were being accepted via Google Form on the Carroll Theater Instagram Page.

Last spring ACTS had planned to put on “Once Upon a Mattress” as the school’s spring musical but it had to be canceled because of the pandemic. Putting on a fall show safely also was impossible with the limited space on and behind stage. 

Though some said they are devastated that there will be no fall show, they are happy there will be a replacement for it.

“I think the fall festival is a valid substitute for the fall show and will allow students to express themselves creatively,” saidAiden Mullarkey, a senior band member. “However, I don’t think it will be as effective in teaching students how to act and how to work with many types of characters as the small performances will likely include small groups. Unfortunately, I do believe they’ve done the best they can do in this situation.”

Mullarkey said he wasn’t sure students will be able to get the same experience they would get with a musical.

Nathan Lechtenberg had a similar point of view.

“I think even though it’s not going to be a typical performance, it’ll still be lots of fun to perform,” said Lechtenberg, who is a junior in the ACTS program. “I’d definitely prefer to do a musical since that’s what most of us are used to, but, given the constraints from COVID, it’ll be great for everyone.”

Lechtenberg said he doesn’t have any concerns about the festival but there are some uncertainties on how smoothly things will run. He said he hopes participants will be able to put on performances that everyone will like.  

Mr. Zachary Larimer, the band director, said he is glad the school’s performers will have a showcase.

“I am excited about the fall festival providing an opportunity for our students to showcase their talents, especially if we are not able to have a fall show,” Mr. Larimer said. “The format will allow a larger diversity of musical genres and groups too.”

Mr. Larimer expressed confidence that the show would go on, even if COVID-19 restrictions continue.

“As long as we follow proper Covid protocol, we should be fine to have the festival later this semester,” Mr. Larimer said.