Mrs. Mulligan’s pet likes to snuggle — and eat bugs


Ash is a bearded dragon and is Mrs. Mulligan’s pet.

Kelly Fowler, Staff writer

Like many of her students, Mrs. Christina Mulligan has a pet who likes to cuddle and climb and scoot around the house. Unlike many of her students, however, Mrs. Mulligan’s pet is not a dog or a cat.

It’s a lizard.

Specifically, Mrs. Mulligan has a bearded dragon named Ash. Mrs. Mulligan gave the critter a gender neutral name because its gender was unidentifiable when she first got it. Ash is three months old now and Mrs. Mulligan said she is almost 100 percent certain Ash is a male. 

Ash’s daily routine usually consists of climbing on rocks and basking on his hammock under the heat lamp. Ash also gets gets free time every day to roam around supervised. He even gets to go outside when the weather is nice. 

Ash eats bugs and salads a few times throughout the day. He loves to snuggle, and to communicate he bobs his head and waves.

Mrs. Mulligan added some interesting facts about these lovely lizards.

 “Bearded dragons smell through their tongue so they lick everything,” she said. “They are also very aware of their surroundings and notice when anything around them changes — and they don’t like it.”