Mrs. Diane Amlin brings a lifelong passion for teaching to Carroll



Mrs. Diane Amlin

Anna Winslow, Staff writer

Mrs. Diane Amlin, who is Mr. Barry Kirsch’s longtime math substitute, has a passion for teaching that began when she was a child.  In the summertime as a young girl, Mrs. Amlin would organize classroom sessions for the neighborhood kids on her parents’ back patio.  

“I would have assigned seats on the floor, and I had a small chalkboard easel where I would teach spelling and math,” Mrs. Amlin said. “The funny part of the story is that classes didn’t last very long, and whenever we went out for recess, we never seemed to make it back to class.” 

Later on, while attending high school, Mrs. Amlin realized teaching math was something she aspired to do as a career because of the assistance and inspiration of her pre-calculus teacher. 

“My high school precalculus teacher, Mrs. Pamela Diamond, was my inspiration,” said Mrs. Amlin. “She had this incredible way of explaining math that just made sense. She could take the most difficult topics and make them seem so easy. She made math fun and gave me the confidence to pursue it as a career.”

Mrs. Amlin has been teaching for 24 years at the high school and collegiate level in places such as Cincinnati, OH; Knoxville, TN; and Montgomery County and Valley Forge, PA. It hasn’t always been easy for her to find a job.

“It was easier finding teaching positions in Cincinnati and Tennessee,” she said. “A lot of schools offer teaching positions in Philadelphia, while in Tennessee and Cincinnati there is less of a demand (for teachers).” 

Mrs. Amlin described her teaching style as “firm but fair,” and said she enjoys seeing her students engaged and participating in the learning experience.

“I want to challenge my students with realistic goals and give them the support they need to be successful,” Mrs. Amlin said. “I want my students to understand that in math, and in life, answers are meaningless if you can’t justify them with work. I want to motivate my students to work hard and take pride in their work. I want them to feel as comfortable, confident, and happy to learn as I am to teach.”

A couple of her students expressed how Mrs. Amlin’s teaching style helps them accomplish their work and achieve excellent grades. 

“Even though her teaching style is the most traditional, I have learned the most about math from her than any other teacher I’ve had,” said Ryan Sheehan, an Algebra II student. “She actually helps me remember formulas and how to do math without much trouble.” 

“I think her teaching style sometimes does reflect the time when she taught at the collegiate level,” said Nia Plummer-Dantzler, a junior taking Algebra II. “When she takes her time and really explains it, doing the math packets and/or homework is very easy.” 

Mrs. Amlin’s lessons typically focus on math, She has some life lessons, too.

  • Never ever be afraid to stand up for yourself. 

 Be proud of who you are and what you believe in.

  •  Have school pride. 

You only go to high school once in a lifetime. Go to all the games, concerts, plays, and everything you can. Be proud of where you came from.

  •  Be a good friend. 

Try to be a friend to people who don’t even deserve to be your friend. Remember that you don’t need to please everyone. Be faithful to who you are.

  • Spend more time with your family.

While friends are super important, friends will come and they will go, but family is forever. They will be there for you every step of your life – in good times and bad. Tell your mom and dad that you love them because life is too short to take them for granted.

  • Don’t regret a moment.