Carroll’s Christmas concert remains on the calendar despite COVID

Nicholas Volpe, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll’s Christmas concert will play on!

Carroll plans to go forward with the annual tradition, but to what scale is unknown. The format will be changed to keep participants and attendees safe and healthy in the era of the pandemic. 

“Hard to say at the moment, but we are definitely planning to still have the concert in some capacity,” said Mr. Zachary Larimer, who is the Carroll band director. “If an audience is allowed, we may have to limit the number of attendees but if an audience is not allowed, we will live stream the concert.”

Some band members still want a concert because not only is it fun to play the Christmas music but also because the Christmas concert counts as band members’ midterm grade.

“Obviously I would be devastated because this is senior year and we’ve worked way too hard not to have one,” said Sarah Fallouh, a senior violin player and president of  the Carroll band. “Even if it’s virtual and socially distanced, it’s better than having nothing.”

However, not all band members would be devastated if the concert did not happen.

“I would honestly be quite thrilled because they’re long and I’d rather engage in Christmas activities,” said Aiden Mullarkey, a senior alto and baritone saxophone player and the vice president of the Carroll band. 

The Christmas concert usually happens the week before the Christmas break. One half of the show features the chorus and the other half is a mix of the band ensembles, with the band and chorus doing one song together.