President Trump fights for election victory in court

Nicholas Volpe, Staff writer

President Donald J. Trump apparently lost his bid for reelection and he is not happy about it. On Saturday, November 7, former Vice President Joseph Biden was announced the winner of the presidential election.

Trump’s campaign filed lawsuits against Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan, according to the Associated Press. Trump only filed lawsuits against states that he lost and demanded recounts in them.

In Michigan, Trump’s campaign demanded a recount and in both Michigan and Pennsylvania to have more people watch the ballots be counted so they are counted correctly. In Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign said that it was moving to intervene in an existing Supreme Court case related to that state’s extension of its mail-in ballot receipt
deadline, according to CNBC.

States that shut down Trump lawsuits included Georgia and Michigan. Even though he won a hearing in Pennsylvania, that did not stop the vote count for the mail-in ballots.

Trump campaign officials accused Democrats of trying to steal the election, despite no evidence anything of the sort was taking place, according to the Associated Press.

“I feel that President Trump should concede and bow down gracefully. Trying to sue Pennsylvania over the election makes him look like a sore loser,” said Mrs. Barbara Volpe, who works in the admissions office.

“Him trying to sue over the election is useless, there is no evidence of voter fraud and he’s just proving that he is a sore loser by trying to sue certain states,” said Sam Vassalio a senior at Carroll, who was a first time voter.