Carroll seniors cast their first ballots

Matthew Boccella, Staff writer

This election was the first presidential election in which some Archbishop Carroll seniors were able to vote. 

Most of the people who were willing to talk about their opinions were very passionate about what they believed. As well as passion, few people seemed to be moderate in their beliefs, instead being far leaning to one candidate or another.

As the pandemic continued through the election, more options for voting were made available. Options such as in person voting and mail-in early voting made voting much more accessible to people. 

Everyone who was asked said that they choose to vote in person instead of early mail-in voting. 

Carroll senior Andrew Ranaudo said,”I voted for Donald Trump in person because he is a great president and a great leader.”

Carroll senior Samantha Vassallo said she voted in person after school. She voted blue.

Vassallo said she voted Democrat because of “Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 and his stance on immagration. Biden has a plan for free/cheaper healthcare and has a plan for fixing climate change.” 

Carroll senior Jason McNally also voted in person at his town hall.

“I don’t want to tell anybody who I voted for, though,” he said. He said he wanted to avoid controversy.

This was former Carroll student Danny Reamer’s first election as well. He decided to vote in person on November 3 because he was suspicious of mail-in voting. 

Reamer said he voted for “Trump and all other Republican candidates for local elections.”

For why he voted for Trump, Danny said, “…He restored our economy, dropped unemployment (especially helping minorities).”