Senior assassins tradition continues at Carroll

Matthew Boccella, Staff writer

More than a month after it began on Dec. 7, Archbishop Carroll’s senior assassin game continues.

Senior assassin has been an annual tradition for at least eight years. How the game works is, the seniors playing hunt each other down with either water guns or Silly String. The last person remaining wins.

It costs $10 to enter and the winner wins all of the money. This year there are 57 people playing, which is fewer than normal. That means there is a $570 reward for the winner. 

For a player to officially assassinate his or her target, they need to record it on video and send it to one of the judges, either Grace DiMascio or Carly McHugh. To do this, most people try to team up with someone they think is safe and have them record while they assassinate the target. The catch is that a player doesn’t always know who they can trust. Someone who is helping a player could help the target instead, or have the player as their target. 

Once they take out their target, they are given a new one. This continues until there are only two people left. Once the game is reduced to the final two players, they are given two options. They can either split the money with each other and both win, or they can try to get the other out and win all the money for themselves. 

Many people are reluctant to talk about their plans and strategies so they can maintain an advantage on others. 

Participant Jason McNally said, ¨I like to stay low, keep my location off and don’t really talk to anybody right now.¨

Carroll senior Gordan Stamler made a creative play to eliminate his target. 

He said, “So Jacky Chen and I both disclosed who we had to each other and we managed to trick Sarah into trusting us and helping me and Jack get our person. We didn’t end up getting Jacky or Sarah’s person, so when we went to drop Sarah off, I got out of the car and assassinated her.¨

Elizabeth Fry got taken out early. She said, ¨Courtney came right in the morning and hid behind my car. ¨

As of Monday December 14, the game was 10 days in and nine players had been eliminated. There is also an instagram account that has all of the details and assassination clips on it: Achsassassin2021