Carroll students upset about Netflix dropping The Office, Gossip Girl

Kelly Fowler, Staff writer

To continue adding new shows and movies monthly, the widely known and used streaming service known as Netflix removed some old ones, which upset some Archbishop Carroll students.

This month touched Netflix users at Carroll little closer to home as iconic shows and movies loved by many were taken away. Maybe this is Netflix starting clean for the new year and possibly creating something better to present to users soon.

The Office, a well known and praised comical series, has been removed from Netflix. Some Carroll Netflix users are not too happy.

“I’m sad they took the office off because that was my comfort show.” senior Alexis Ferris said. 

Ferris is not the only one upset about the removal of The Office. 

“The Office was like my go to background show and it was something I could always put on when I was bored.” senior Kelly Wood said.

Another series being taken off Netflix this month is Gossip Girl. 

Gossip Girl is a popular show among teenagers, which means a lot of Carroll students are very bummed about this.

“Gossip Girl being taken off Netflix is extremely upsetting because it is about students in high school and what they went through, which is extremely relatable and that’s what I loved most about it,” senior Ryann Lewis said.

Senior Kaylee Carr agreed.

“I wish it wasn’t being taken off because it was a show I enjoyed watching and I was able to relate to it because they were high school students.” she said. 

It is evident that this month’s picks for Netflix’s monthly clean-out are not being taken well by some users but Netflix always comes up with something better to make up for it.

There are still many options to choose from that are well known and loved by Netflix users in the Archbishop Carroll community.