Archbishop Carroll will get a flexible instruction day because of snow forecast

Matthew Boccella

Archbishop Carroll will have a flexible instruction day Monday, Feb. 1, because of a snowstorm headed to the Philadelphia region, and may have to adjust class schedules for Tuesday, too. The forecast calls for five to 11 inches of snow from this afternoon through Monday night, according to The Weather Channel.

¨Travel could be very difficult to impossible. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commute,¨ The Weather Channel said.

The call for a flexible instruction day for Monday went out Sunday afternoon. In the telephone call, Acting Principal William Gennaro said further adjustment of the schedule may be necessary for other days in the week because of the storm.

Gennaro said: ¨Similar to how the snow days we had in December right before Christmas went, Archbishop Carroll would usually go with one of two options: 

  1. A Flexible Instruction Day – This is where teachers post their assignments on Schoology and make themselves available for a few hours during the day to assist students should they have any questions. 
  2. A Full-Virtual Inclement Weather Day – This option helps us to still hold a full day of school if we are worried that the roads will still be too slick or messy, or a lot of our school districts are not on the same page with whether they wish to close or not. In this instance, we would then have 30 minutes classes, with all students and teachers working from home.¨

Much of the complication with deciding how to respond to inclement weather is how affected other school districts are.

¨At Archbishop Carroll, we have students coming to us from over 20 school districts and Philadelphia, which makes it very difficult to get a consensus decision on what we should do, since we do not control most of our buses. They are run by the school districts. So, the school administration usually makes a decision with the guidance of the school districts, and what we think will be safest for the students at Archbishop Carroll,¨ Gennaro said.

Many students think that there should be a flexible instruction day to lessen the workload. Because most students need to spend extra time shoveling snow and doing other work around their houses on snow days, they might not have time to be in classes. 

Archbishop Carroll student Nick Waldmann said, ¨I think we should have no classes like a normal snow day.¨