Senior superlative winners revealed!!!

The winners of the 2021 senior superlatives votes are:

Best hair

J.T. McNally

Jasmine Vega


Best smile

Schuyler Gock

Michael Young


Best friend duo — female

Judie Butler

Sarah Hurd


Best friend duo — male

Dominic Montanez

Anthony Morrone


Class clowns

Caleb Carter

Carly McHugh


Cutest couple

Julia Kingsbury

Collin Woodward


Most artistic

Mason Daly

Ally Mastripolito


Most athletic

Karli Dougherty

Malachi Hansen


Most likely to be famous

Jess Flores

Josh Watson


Most likely to teach at Carroll

Michael Young

Jess Flores


Most likely to succeed

Jacky Chen

Theresa Pham


Most school spirited

Meghan McCann

J.T. McNally