Upperclassmen events planned for spring



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Sasha Lockett, Staff writer

Although they were canceled last year, some important upperclassmen events will happen this year, although in alternative formats required because of safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Mrs. Allison Papantoniou, the school’s assistant principal of student affairs and the administrator in charge of the events.

There will not be … traditional proms, obviously due to COVID restrictions, but we expect to host formal nights to recognize each class,” said Papantoniou.

Carroll scrapped both the junior and senior proms last year because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The school considered a formal dinner for the graduates in July to make up for the loss of the senior prom in May, but that plan also was scuttled as the new viral disease continued to sicken and kill thousands of Americans over the summer.

The school is deliberating several ideas for the senior formal night. The primary objective is to have a prom on June 7, according to Mrs. Papantoniou, although some changes will have to be made to the traditional format to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The school also is considering having a senior formal dinner. 

“I was hoping for a senior prom, but I hope that we can at least do something,” said Alexis Ferris, senior.

For the juniors, the Junior Ring Mass is confirmed to happen this year. Earlier this year, the seniors had a Ring Mass because pandemic-related health concerns led Carroll to cancel the Junior Ring Mass last spring. The school is considering to host a semi-formal night exclusively for the junior class right after the Ring Mass.

“I would look forward to having a semi-formal night  for our class because we haven’t had one in a while,” said Anna Winslow, junior.

Carroll’s administration stressed that nothing is certain yet, but they still want to do that something that involves the junior and senior classes.

“Every event is being considered on a day-by-day, event-by-event basis,” Papantoniou said. 

Students will hear more details about the events as the dates become nearer.