Shamrock Shakes are back!

Kelly Fowler, Staff writer

With Saint Patrick’s day coming up, McDonald’s has released their famous Shamrock Shake, a thick, green, minty, vanilla milkshake.

These special milkshakes are sold every year only from February 15 until Saint Patrick’s Day.

The Shamrock Shake was created in 1967 by Hal Rosen, who was the owner and operator of a McDonald’s in Connecticut. The Shamrock Shake made its debut across the country in 1970, according to the McDonald’s website. 

Last year, McDonalds added an Oreo version of the Shamrock Shake. It’s a regular Shamrock Shake with Oreo cookie bits blended in. 

These shakes are somewhat controversial in that some people are die-hard fans for it, while others could go the rest of their lives without one.

“I hate mint flavor in general; it just takes like toothpaste to me,” said senior Jasmina Anderson.

Anderson is just one of the many others that feel the same way about the minty taste of the popular Shamrock Shake.

Senior Evan Bruder, on the other hand, finds the shakes absolutely delicious and waits all year for them.

“I’m so excited Shamrock Shakes are back. I always look forward to getting them in March,” he said. “I’ve already had three this month.”