Seniors stress over college application and acceptance processes

Caleb Carter, Staff writer

The spring is always a chaotic time for high school students, with the school year coming to an end. The desire to get work done decreases, and the temperatures are increasing. For seniors, the college application process continues to bear down on them as decision time is coming quickly.

 Some seniors  have decided already where they are going in the fall while there are others whose applications are just being processed. Either way, it is something that has seniors all over Archbishop Carroll stressing.

Senior Ava Rosato, who will be attending Penn State University this fall, had ups and downs throughout the process.

“The process went somewhat smoothly but also was kind of stressful,” Rosato said. “I remember being anxious while trying  to make my applications and essays perfect … I’m super excited it’s all over and I’ll be at Penn State next year.” 

Someone who is committed to a school already may be excited with their college status. Some students are still waiting for acceptance letters. 

Senior Sarah Hurd, said, “I am done applying to schools… just waiting to hear back, but it was really stressful when I was applying because it almost felt like extra homework. It was very overwhelming but I am excited to be done and graduate.”

Lastly, senior Garrett Ewing is another senior who does not know yet where he will be next fall. 

“Applying to schools all fall and winter was really stressful and time-consuming and even though I don’t know where I am going yet, I’m just glad my applications are in, the process is over, and graduation is coming soon,” he said.