Tri-M Music Honor Society gets new inductees

Nicholas Volpe, Staff writer

Tri-M Music Honor Society got a new batch of inductees Monday. 

“I feel honored to be selected to be a part of the group and I look forward to participating in Tri-M events in the future.“ said Laura Carpenter, a junior and one of the new inductees. 

The new members include sophomores, juniors and a handful of seniors. The juniors who met the requirements for admission last year but couldn’t get inducted because of the COVID-19 school building shutdown were among those inducted. 

The requirements to get into Tri-M consist of being in band or chorus for two years, participating in one or more extracurricular musical activities, having a 3.0 or higher GPA and having at least a 90 in band or chorus class. Seniors receive a pin to show off their status at graduation and also get the option to buy a pink string for their graduation cap to show they are part of Tri-M.

“Tri-M is a great way to gather some of the best musicians at our school and put them into one group,” said Aiden Mullarkey, a senior.

“Tri-M also showed me how to be a leader and how to speak to my classmates about how music has influenced my life,” said senior Andrea Lopez.

Because of COVID, there are no Tri-M board members this year, but new officers should be announced soon.