Senior superlative winners speak

Anna Winslow, Staff writer

The winners of the 2021 senior superlatives expressed their thoughts on getting recognition from their peers.

“I didn’t think I would win either of the categories I won,” said Jessica Flores, winner of the most likely to teach at Carroll and most likely to be famous categories. “I knew a few close friends voted for me for both but I definitely did not expect to win.”

Julia Kingsbury said she didn’t think about winning, either.

“I didn’t really dwell on if I was going to be voted,” said Kingsbury, winner of the cutest couple category along with Collin Woodward.

During the first semester each year, the senior class votes for their peers in categories such as most likely to succeed, best hair, class clown, and best smile. Most categories have both male and female winners. The yearbook staff determines the categories and creates the Google Form the seniors use to vote. Mrs. Allison Papantoniou, the assistant principal for student affairs, distributes the ballots via email, and the yeabook staff tabulates the results. This year’s winners were announced in The Carroll Times earlier this month. The winners names and photos also will be published in the 2021 yearbook.

One of the winners said she hopes being chosen for a senior superlative will mean she has made a positive impression on Carroll. 

“I hope this will leave my mark at Carroll in a fun way,” said Schuyler Gock, winner of the best smile category.

The male winner in the best smile category was Michael Young, who also was chosen as the senior boy most likely to teach at Carroll someday.

“Years from now I will be able to look back and be reminded of my experience at Carroll,” said Young.

The winners also were voters themselves, and they cast votes for their fellow winners.

“Looking at the other senior superlatives, the winners make total sense and are deserving of their categories,” Kingsbury said. “I had a fun time trying to choose who I thought was the best fit and it all worked out.”

Gock said not everyone she voted for won but applauded all those who garnered the most votes in each category.

“I did vote differently for a couple of categories but everyone who won is deserving of their superlative,” she said.

Theresa Pham, winner in the most likely to succeed category, agreed.

“I voted for Meghan for most school spirit and a couple of others who won,” Pham said. “All of the winners fit their category and deserve their superlative.”