The Baccalaureate Mass and graduation are on their way


Kelly Fowler, Staff writer

After four years of waiting, the Class of 2021 will graduate June 9. Although  is not going to be a completely normal graduation, it will be as normal as possible with minimal adjustments.

One adjustment is that seniors will be allowed only one guest to the Baccalaureate Mass, and two guests at the graduation ceremony. 

“I think it’s very disappointing that we can only have one person at the mass and two people at the graduation but at the end of the day we are being safe and that’s all that matters,” Brionna Woodson said.

The Baccalaureate Mass will be held at St. Mary Magdalen Church in Media at 7 p.m. June 8. The mass will be live-streamed so family and friends will be able to join virtually.

Graduation will be held on the football field at school at 11 a.m. June 9. This ceremony will also be live-streamed. 

“I’m excited to graduate but I know once we finally come to graduation day and I look back at all the memories, I’ll be glad I cherished them,” said Caleb Carter.

Some of the seniors are anxious for this entire experience to end, but others are ecstatic.

“I’m very excited to get out of high school. I can’t wait to start a life for myself that isn’t guided by others,” Pierce Mullen said.