Baseball season begins with masks and motivation


Kelly Fowler, Staff writer

After last season being cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Archbishop Carroll baseball is finally up and running again with a good start. Like every activity, there have been some changes, such as wearing masks, social distancing, and limited to no spectators.

The team has high hopes for this season and the players are practicing hard to attain their goals.

“Our hopes for this season are to build chemistry and get as many wins as possible and all of us haven’t played in a while due to COVID but were still getting back to normal,” said Jaiden Mitchell. “We expect to make it all the way and bring home something big.”

Like Mitchell said, the team is still getting back to normal after having a break that was much longer than expected. However, this is not slowing them down. They are working their way back up and varsity already has won a game against Friends Central.

“It’s exciting to be back especially after last season was cancelled,” said Evan Bruder. “It’s different in terms of the masks, and some places don’t allow fans, but it’s just good to play again.”

The team is playing against Devon this Wednesday and is practicing hard in the mean time to get that win.