Senioritis sets in at Carroll

Anna Winslow, Staff writer

The fourth quarter has begun and so has the spread of senioritis throughout the Class of 2021.

Senioritis is a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance, according to Google.

“My motivation has vanished,” said Sumayyah Watson. “There is none left. At this point, I just want to leave and graduate and start the rest of my life.”

Grace DiMascio said she also has less energy for school than usual.

“My motivation has decreased a lot, but I am still trying to work hard and get good grades as best as I can,” DiMascio said.

 Not all seniors seem to be afflicted by senioritis, however.

“I surprisingly haven’t lost any motivation and am excited for the fourth quarter,” said Schuyler Gock.

Something that may be affecting seniors’ motivation is the amount of work given by their teachers. Watson said her teachers seem to be handing out more.

“They have definitely started giving more work, which isn’t making anything easier especially with having to do outside things like find time to apply to scholarships and making commitment decisions,” Watson said.

Watson’s experience is not universal, however.

“Teachers definitely lightened up the work and have been more lenient with turning in work,” said Matthew Boccella.

The affliction of senioritis often coincides with college commitment decisions. Some seniors have made their choices, including Watson, who is going to Penn State; Boccella, who is going to West Chester, and Meghan McCann.

 “I committed to Ohio State for volleyball,” said Meghan McCann. “I was so overjoyed when they asked me to play for them that I started crying.” 

Other seniors, like Gock and DiMascio, remain undecided.

“I have no clue where I will end up for college, or if I will even go, to be honest,” DiMascio said. “If I do decide to go, I will make my decision on the last day possible.”