Senior portraits under way


Sasha Lockett, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll’s junior class began having senior portraits made Monday in the West Gym during lunch periods. The photography sessions will take place through Thursday.

Hybrid students will have their portraits made during their lunch period on the day they are scheduled to be in person. These students are also required to wear their uniforms to school.

“I wish that we wouldn’t have school on the day that we take our senior pictures because it can get in the way of people getting ready for them,” said Anna Winslow, junior.

All-virtual students have to arrive and exit through the West Gym for their portraits to be made. The school recommended that the girls wear a camisole and that the boys wear a white shirt and a tie. 

“Since I’m all-virtual, I’m glad that I don’t have to come to school in my uniform,” said Amaya Hickson, junior.

Juniors will be photographed in tuxedos and drapes for senior portraits. In regard to safety in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, these items will be disinfected between each use.

The school says students shouldn’t have visible facial piercings during the pictures. Boys are required to be cleanly shaven. Some poses may include hands so students are asked to wear appropriate hand jewelry. 

“Since I bought a class ring, I’m going to wear it during my senior portraits,” said Destiny Parker-Wilson, junior.

Lifetouch will email the parent email address on file with Carroll with information on how to select and purchase graduation photos. If a student needs to retake their graduation portraits, then they would need to schedule it at Lifetouch Studios.

“I hope that we can select poses that involve roses for the senior pictures,” said Awtum Mintze, junior.

All students are permitted to leave their classes to take their senior portraits. Students will be responsible for any missed work and are expected to return back to class.