Fourth quarter ignites a variety of emotions among students

Nicholas Volpe, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll is officially in the fourth and final quarter of the school year!

“I felt like the first three quarters went by really fast, said freshman Alex Rosen. “Since summer break is coming, I think that this quarter will go even quicker. The fourth quarter is probably going to be the most stressful because of finals and stricter deadlines.”

Junior Nate Lechtenberg also remarked on the stress of the fourth quarter.

“Going into the fourth quarter is a bit more stressful than the others,” Lechtenberg said. “I’ve got stress dealing being in the show, AP tests are coming up and eventually finals. However, at the same time it’s nice for the year to be coming to a close pretty soon considering COVID school has been a nightmare.

For one student, entering the fourth quarter inspired a look back at what was accomplished during the previous three.

“This year has been a difficult year,” sophomore Ashley Sion said. “Although it wasn’t ideal because we couldn’t go every day and see everyone, we made it through this together. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Carroll community!”

Leaving the Carroll brings its own share of angst for some seniors.

“Personally, as a senior going into my fourth quarter, I’m excited but it’s starting to hit that I’ll be graduating and leaving my Carroll family,” said Jasmine Vega. “Of course I’m looking forward to moving forward into a new chapter of my life but I’m not ready to not be able to see amazing students and staff faces, not being able to say hello and cracking jokes with friends before class … Having my senior year during a pandemic … made me realize not [to] take the moments I have with people for granted. I hope to make more memories with friends and family as we start to get closer to the day of graduation.”