Seniors advice for AP exams has one common denominator: sleep

Nicholas Volpe, Staff writer

AP exams began this week!

The AP exams will last almost the entire month of May. The AP exams are a lot harder than the standard end-of-the-year exams and are not graded by the teacher so there are no curves or extra credit on them.

Many of those taking the exams will be experiencing them for the first time, but not all.  Some seniors who have AP exam experience offered advice to first timers. 

The seniors included rest in their recommendations.

“I would say prepare each day leading up to the exam and if possible, review the basics of everything that you learned from class,” said Michael Young. “Then, the best thing you can do for yourself is relax the night before and get a good night sleep.”

Nicholas Waldmann added to that advice.

“Make sure you’re well rested, develop a rhythm, and don’t spend too much time on one question,” Waldmann said.  

Sofia Petroccia mentioned sleep in her recommendations, too.

“I think it’s super important for everyone to keep their heads up and minds open as they undergo their AP test,” she said. “Everyone has been working so hard! I think taking the prep work that teachers have provided seriously will be very beneficial! Also get a good  night sleep and eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the test.”