Billboard Music Awards feature in-person audience, gaffe, and trending moments

Sasha Lockett, Staff writer

The 2021 Billboard Music Awards show was one of the first award shows that allowed guests since the start of the pandemic. The night held trending moments, performances, and a malfunction. 

Drake, who is known for rapping, was the most decorated winner in the history of the Billboard Music Awards to have 29 wins. Surrounded by his family and friends, he was named the Artist of the Decade. He also won the award for Top Streaming Songs. Drake placed his first song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2009 and since has logged the most songs ever on the chart, with 232 entrees, according to the Firstpost. He accepted his award alongside his son Adonis. This father and son moment was trending on Twitter.  

 “I thought it was so cute that Drake brought his son out on stage,” said Awtum Mintze, junior. “I think that he deserved Artist of the Decade because his music has been very popular since 2009.”

At the awards, Pink was awarded the Icon Award and was joined onstage by her 9-year-old daughter Willow. Pink and her daughter showed off their gymnastic abilities during their aerial performance of “Cover Me in Sunshine,” which is a song they both created. Their performance went trending on Twitter.

“The mother-daughter duo was my favorite moment from the award show,” said junior Nia Dantzler. “I think it was cute that she brought her daughter with her because Pink is known for her aerial performances.”

The evening’s malfunction happened when  DaBaby’s song “Rockstar” won Top Rap Song of the Year. When DaBaby came to receive his award, the show played Post Malone’s song “Rockstar” by accident. This incident went trending on Twitter and many critics say that this malfunction shows that the award ceremony was rushed, according to Complex Magazine.

Sa’Nii Lockett, sophomore, agrees with that statement.

“I think that it is embarrassing that the show played the wrong song,” said Lockett. “I think that DaBaby handled the situation well because he laughed it off.”

During the show, the late rapper Pop Smoke won Top New Artist and Top Rap Artist. His debut album won Top Rap Album and Top Billboard 200 Album, which his mother accepted onstage.

Morgan Wallen won many awards but was not invited to come because he was caught on camera using a racial slur earlier this year. He won three awards, including Top Country Artist and Top Country Album. 

“I don’t listen to country music but I think that he shouldn’t have won any awards,” said Amaya Hickson, junior. “His behavior was wrong and he should be punished for it.”

Singers Doja Cat and SZA both performed their hit song “Kiss Me More” together on Sunday night. BTS also performed and won four awards during the night.

2021 Billboard Awards were held outdoors at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. Performances that were held inside were pre-recorded and allowed guests to attend. Nick Jonas, a famous pop singer, hosted the night, while his wife was one of the presenters.