David Burdo

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


My first time coming to Carroll was during the 7th grade visit day. I don’t remember much of that day but I remember coming into the school and sitting in the digital design class and watching a presentation they gave to us. I wasn’t set on coming here but by the end of the summer in 8th grade I decided it was where I wanted to go.

I wouldn’t say I had the easiest time coming into this school. I didn’t talk to anyone and didn’t socialize with anyone. I only knew the few people who came to Carroll from my middle school and I didn’t talk to them either. I eventually came out of my shell a bit a few months after freshman year started. I met this kid, Ian Rossi, who introduced me to the current friend group I have now.

I would have to say my favorite teacher had to be Mr. Kirsch. He taught my dad back in 1968 and was still there until last year when he taught me Algebra 2. The first time I met him he instantly knew who my dad and my uncle were and would always mess around with me and sometimes would tell me different things about what my dad would do during his class that I didn’t even know, like throwing pencils in his roof which are still there.

I am going to miss Carroll when I graduate. I will miss the environment the school gave, the teachers who would help you through every class if needed, and the students who were all very kind to one another. The one thing that I will not miss though, is the school opening every window and not turning on the heating in the school until the very end of the winter only for it to go into spring and be too hot to even think during class because the AC wouldn’t turn on until the end of the year.