Ryann Lewis

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Inside of Archbishop Carroll, there are more than 300 students in one building — before Covid-19, of course. So many different people, going through different things, and from different places. Carroll has taught me that it’s OK to be different.

My freshman year, there were so many people inside of the school, and I was so shocked about how many different people were inside the school. There were foreign exchange students, Black students, and Asian students. Coming to Carroll, I didn’t feel alone.

The teachers were also super welcoming and friendly. They expected the same thing from every student. If a student ever needed help, the teacher was more than willing to give assistance.

At Carroll, I feel like I have built relationships with so many students that I hope will last for a lifetime. Only spending four years with the senior class has felt like a lifetime. As a class, we have been through so many bad experiences. But in the end, we always stuck together, and helped each other to get through the bad times. This senior class is resilient and optimistic that good times will always come out of the bad times, and that’s what I love most about us.