Amahd Lopes

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


I have been thinking about what to write for this assignment, and have pondered and thought about what message I want to leave to this school. What would be my senior good-bye? Would my good-bye even be good enough? For the past two weeks it has dawned on me that my time here at Carroll is coming to an end, and when fall rolls around this year I will be at a different school. I’ve been trying to figure out I would leave my mark at this school. What would be my final goodbye? Then I realized that my good bye would simply be me graduating. 

Of course, that sounds cliche, but it’s true: my good bye would be graduation. All throughout high school we were told that we should cherish high school and the memories that come with it, but we never do. We start high school with the idea of “I can’t wait to be a senior” or “I can’t wait to graduate high school.” But we never cherish the moments we make or have made along the way. It seems like yesterday: we had just come into school for the first time, and now that our last official school day is coming up, it’s hard to believe how far my class and I have come.

As I was saying before, my goodbye to the school and to my class would be graduation. Our final moment as a class together; our final goodbye to each other as a whole. We have all made memories with upperclassmen before us, lower classmen, teachers, and each other. Even after graduation, when I start school in the fall, I begin to start representing a new school and a new mascot. I will always be high on the hilltop, and never stop being a Carroll Patriot.