Kiah Downard

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


My first day at Carroll was last November. It was so strange for me to be starting at a new school as a junior in high school. It was such a strange year because of COVID. When I first came I had such a fun time. Everyone was so funny. I loved coming to school never knowing what funny things were going to happen, but I always knew there would be something.

My favorite class was Mr. Kirsh. Funniest math teacher I have ever had.

When I got to lunch there was always a food fight between the girls table I sat and the boys table. It was such a different scene at Carroll than at PJP. 

I am so thankful for how easy the administration made the transition for  me. I personally think all the teachers at Carroll have taught me way better than the teachers at my other school. I was so upset when COVID hit and we all got sent home because I was so happy at Carroll. I’ve made some really good friends at the school.

This year was so different, though. I found it very difficult to enjoy it as much as I did last year. However, it worked out better for me when it comes to grades. Not having so many people around really gave me the chance to truly focus on school, which made me feel good.

My favorite part about Kairos was the whole grade playing kick ball. It was nice to see how well everyone got along.

As excited as I am to be in Atlanta soon, I really will miss Carroll. The school has really opened my eyes up and made me a better person. I can’t wait to graduate with the best class I could ever ask for. I’ll never forget Carroll.