Sanaa Nixon

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


These four years at Carroll have been very life-changing, to say the least. Before I arrived at high school I was a very shy girl, who did not like to talk to people I didn’t know very well. I was known as the quiet girl because I rarely talked or I talked so low that you wouldn’t be able to hear me. When I first arrived at Carroll I felt very welcomed by the students and the staff. Carroll is where I met some of the nicest people who actually became my friends. I came from a super small school, so I had to quickly adapt to having bigger class sizes and being around way more people than usual.

I can say that I’ve had the best teachers at Carroll, as well. Math is a subject I’ve always had complications with in the past. I want to thank Mrs. Volpe for making math so much easier this year for me because I can finally say that I thoroughly understand math.

I want to thank Mrs. Mulligan as well for being the best Spanish teacher ever because she’s the reason why I understood Spanish so well.

I also want to thank Mrs. Carpenter for being the best art teacher. I’ve always loved to draw, but I never liked art class because of the projects. When I finally decided to take art class, it became one of my favorite classes because I was finally able to do art that I actually liked.

Lastly, I would like to thank every faculty and staff member because you all have helped me to grow as a person and to prepare me for college.

I find it hard to believe that I’m graduating already. I can honestly say those four years went extremely fast. I look at graduation as a very bittersweet moment because Carroll is where I’ve had some of the best moments and where I’ve met some of the best people. I can say that I will definitely miss the people at Carroll and all of the countless memories. I can also say that even though these years went by fast, they have also been exhausting as well.

Going to Carroll has been a very life-changing experience that I am thankful for. I can truly say that Carroll will always hold a special place in my heart, Class of 2021 out!