Brennan Robinson

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


I would be lying if I told you that my time at Carroll was amazing, but if I told you that I had created memories that will stick with me for the rest of my life I wouldn’t.

I remember walking through the hallways as the shy quiet freshman meeting all the people that I’m still friends with to this day. Most of the memories I have from freshman year was with a few friends I became close with that year. I also played for the football team that year, so that’s where I got most of my friends from to travel this journey of highschool with. To this day, freshman year was the best year I had at Carroll, only because of the people who were there and how fun we made it.

Fast forward to sophomore year, that year felt exactly like freshman year but with less people. Sophomore year came and went with very good memories, even though many of my good friends from freshman year left. Nonetheless, sophomore year was definitely one of the best years at Carroll for me.

When I was a junior, everything was going good for football. We broke records for the team that year, which was amazing. That year started off with many laughs and memories. But nothing could prepare us for what was going to happen next.

When everybody heard about the two weeks off we were receiving, everyone was happy, thinking we were going to be back soon. But we were far from that prediction. We didn’t know that we would be ending our junior year staring at a camera. The adjustment for me was extremely hard simply because I had so much time to do the work that I kept putting it off. To say the least, I almost failed classes.

The circumstances we were facing continued into my senior year and my senior season for football. For football, we went from having 11 guaranteed games to just five games total, which hurt a lot of us for college because many of us relied on our senior season to make it to college hopefully for free. For our senior year we had the option to either stay home to go all virtual or to come to school every other day. During late January, I made the decision to stay fully online, but I told myself to really try to get all my work done. That was hard.

Fast forward to May: my time at Carroll is hopefully coming to an end. I still have to graduate, but honestly I do not regret coming to Carroll at all.