Nyaire Budd

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


I’ve grown a lot during these past four years, but much has happened to others during this
period of time as well. No one could ever describe to me what the high school experience would
be like, and I’m so glad that they couldn’t.

If I’m being honest, seeing all those new faces during freshman orientation was overwhelming. No one from my middle school chose Carroll, so I was completely out of my element. For the longest time I could not rely on that one familiar face to get me through events or just to make me feel at ease. Be that as it may I got through orientation, met new people, and had a blast.

My very first taste of what high school was going to be like was in during first period in Mr. Murphy’s World
History class. It was a great example of how high school could be fun but also very
informative/serious when it had to be.

Fast forward to sophomore year: with a full year of high school under my belt I felt pretty confident. As the workload and difficulty began to increase, so did the challenges, but without challenge we cannot grow so I am grateful.
We experienced tough times as a community sophomore year, but that is when I was shown how unified and loving the Carroll community is. It provided a ray of light that was much needed during the time, and pretty much signified that I was never going to leave or transfer for any reason because where else could I find this?

Junior year was tough academically but you’re told that by your upperclassmen all throughout, so when it hits you are prepared. My third year was pretty normal until the pandemic struck. It hit like a truck and nobody was prepared for it. My family and I stayed strong and never wavered, but there was this feeling that gnawed at me. It was basically saying that nothing was going to be the same. The pandemic gave me time to self reflect, not just on my high school experience up to that point but about life. I’m sure it gave plenty of other people the same opportunity as well.

During these times I’ve really connected more with my faith and spirituality. I’ve grown and am fully ready to move on, even by saying that there is a part of me that wishes it could go on a little longer. I’ll miss friends,
teachers, and Archbishop Carroll in general. I thank Carroll for everything it has done for me and wish everyone the best in their future endeavors!