Nicholas “Nico” Coronel

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


The first day of Carroll is a day I will always remember. I had no idea what the school would be like and I came in without knowing a single person. I showed up to school with my Tyler the Creator backpack and in my uniform. As I walked up to the school, I went into the front office to get my schedule. I then went into my homeroom and that’s where I started meeting all my closest friends. The students helped me out a lot when trying to find my classes and encouraged me to try out for sports. With the help of some of my new friends from lunch, I was finally convinced to try out for the soccer team and have fun. The coach was eager to make a great team but our team was fully aware that we were not the best team in the league so we decided to make the best of it, which led to a great first day at Carroll.

There were many great teachers and students that I met on the first day of school that I am more than thankful for in my life. One of the teachers that had the most impact on me was Father Spez. As a student who transferred into a Catholic school from public, he did more than enough to make me feel welcome and bring back my faith for religion. Our Faith in Action class brought my relationship to God closer and persuaded me to change my current lifestyle to be happier and more optimistic. I met many people in that class who will be in my senior week house and also friends I have made that I see almost every day. The school felt very welcoming and I could not have chosen a better school to attend.