Joshua Dunson

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


My first day at Archbishop Carroll was definitely strange. I transferred junior year so I really didn’t know anyone. The only people I knew there were the kids who I went to grade school with and the other junior transfers. When I walked into the lunch room, the fire alarm sounded. I’m pretty sure the grill in the lunchroom started smoking. Everyone who was in the lunchroom had to stand on the soccer field behind the lunchroom. I remember it being very cold so a bunch of us huddled up to try and stay warm.

My first week at Carroll was a challenge for me. Not only did I have to learn an entire layout of a new school, I had to try and find my place. I didn’t know where any of my classes were. I even walked back and forth between both sides of the school to find one room. Fast forward a month I was starting to get a hang of things. One of the things I looked forward to every day coming to school was fifth period lunch. I never had one dull memory at lunch. My table would make jokes with each other, rap, sing, you name it. Band was also another class I looked forward to.

The band felt like a close family to me. I loved doing music with everyone apart from the class. Some of my closest friends come from the band and I am very grateful for them. In December, I got involved in Pit Orchestra. Doing music for the Christmas play was some of the most fun I’ve had. Spending time with everyone practicing after school was an unforgettable experience that I wish I could do again.

When COVID was becoming big, many of us didn’t pay any attention to it. The day Mr. Fox announced on the loudspeaker that we would be off for two weeks was crazy. Little did anyone know that it would slowly turn into a month, and then two, and then the rest of the school year. Sadly, my junior and senior year and everyone else’s were massively affected. At least we had somewhat of a senior year.

The first day of senior year felt like a normal day. The senior tailgate was a refreshment. Seeing everyone after seven months was like a breath of fresh air. Although my senior year is coming to an end, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who made my Carroll experience unforgettable. Much love to the Carroll community.