Emilee Gallagher

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Carroll has brought many things to me, but, specifically, some of my best friends on volleyball.

I started volleyball freshman year freaking out thinking the worst would happen. I remember walking in and seeing coach Brian McCann there and not knowing what to feel. After I made the team I was ecstatic and so excited to start playing. From the start of volleyball, everyone was so welcoming and I knew I belonged.

The first person I met was Judie, who I had previously known but didn’t know well enough. I knew from day one I wanted to be friends with her. Little did I know she would become a huge part of my life. Judie is kind and so loving and I mean that in the most sincere way. She loves people despite their flaws. She is amazing.

Next, I met Paige, who is in reality my twin in every way we think. She cares to the deepest extent and won’t give up on you. I’m so lucky to have her and wouldn’t be here without her.

Lastly, Eva is one of those friends you can always hang out with and she will make you smile.

Sleepover girls, which consisted of Paige Monastero, Judie Butler and Eva Bones, have done so much for me in the past four years. We all have grown and developed immensely and it’s so amazing to see who we are becoming. They made every day feel important and helped me through so much. They helped me when I was down and made me laugh until I couldn’t stop. I am so eternally grateful for the honor I have to be their best friend.

Carroll has blessed me to be able to have friends for life and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I would like to thank each of the girls from the bottom of my heart, because you made me realize my worth and I couldn’t thank you all enough.