Verdell Robinson

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


This letter is my goodbye letter to Carroll. I do not like this school whatsoever but it was a great ride. This school had a lot of love for me, but this grade was not better than my 10th grade year. My tenth grade year was the best year I ever had. Everything about it was great: the people, the friends, even the teachers.

I am so proud to be a student of this great Catholic school and thankful for all the opportunities that made me the person I am today. I want to thank my parents for their sacrifices for getting into such a good school that I am in and everything in between. I also want to thank my English teacher, Mrs. Gimpel, for helping me this year with my grades, for her patience, and for how she truly cares for her students. I would also truly want to thank God for getting me through the year and for getting me into Cabrini, which is the next step toward becoming an accountant.

Through all my trials and tribulations, I would be nowhere without any of these people and for this I thank them for everything they have done. I am also grateful for my dog due to his loving, great spirit and how he knows when I am having a bad day or even a terrible day. He is always by my side, no matter what. I have experienced acts of kindness from everyone else in my life who have supported me.

To my grandpa, who died before my graduation: I miss you pops and keep looking after me up there, along with my uncles, too. Love you guys.

So,  thanks to any and all people that helped me through my journey through this path I call high school life. God bless and until we meet again.