Nicholas Volpe

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


I remember my freshman year in school like it was yesterday. The first two days I talked to no one except my brother, who I had 8th period with, and Aiden Mullarkey, who was one of my friends from my old school.

It wasn’t until Sarah Fallouh and I got put in a group together that I started to talk to other people. Sarah and I had four classes together: history, lunch, Spanish and band. Later that week Sarah and I started to talk to more people like Sam and Andrea. I also got close to a lot of upperclassmen that were in the band and are now in college.

It wasn’t until THON freshman year when I met Kerry, but out of all the people I met at Carroll, Kerry might have been the one I am closest to. We still see each other as the brother/sister we never had.

Freshman year was pretty normal and nothing special really happened, but even though nothing special happened, I’m very grateful for that year because it was by far the easiest.

Even as I get closer to graduating high school, things have gotten a lot harder, but it’s also gotten more fun. I am so grateful for the time I spent here and the memories I’ve made here along the way.

I want to thank my parents for sending me here and continuing to support me throughout high school. I want to thank Mr. D Gallagher, who’s pushed me to do better and has shown me what I can do with my talents. Next, I want to thank Mrs. Mac and Mrs. Gimpel because they have helped me in their classes very much and they are 100 percent the only reason I’m passing English and math this year. And, finally, I also  want to thank Mr. Larimer, who’s helped me to get better at the trumpet and has helped me to become a better person.