Tyler Boyle

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


I began my time at Carroll knowing only a few people from my area who were going there, too. I quickly made some more friends through sports and lunch, etc.

Carroll has slowly prepared me for what I will need to do next in my life which I am appreciative of. I also have made a handful of friends that I will likely stay in touch with even after we graduate from Carroll.

Through my time at Carroll and especially during the first two years, many of the school functions and teachers/students that were still here made coming to school very enjoyable. Also, while the last year and a half have been rough, we have been given a decent effort by Carroll for continued interaction among our classmates. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to come back to school at all, or that if we did that we would not be able to do anything like seniors normally would. However, we were still able to do some things such as Kairos and sports, and we are going to be able to have senior field day and prom, and graduation in person, which is great.

I would like to thank everyone from Carroll who helped me, taught me, and was or is friends with me. In general, I would say that I am at least acquainted with everyone in my class and would like to express my appreciation for any of my friends who have helped me through rough times, and been there for the good times, and laughs when school and everything was still normal. I would also especially like to thank teachers such as Mr. Gennaro, Mrs. Gennaro/Głowaczewski, Mrs. Carpenter, Mr. Flannery, Mrs. Cahill, Mrs. Gimpel, Mrs. Mauger, Mr. Cimorelli,  and my coaches such as Mr. Mounayar, Mr. O’Donnell, and Coach Det.

Overall, my time at Carroll has been very unique and rewarding and has truly been an experience to remember. Thank you, Lord, for this experience and whatever you have planned for me next.