Andrea Lopez

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Over the last four years, I have had supportive family and friends who helped me through high school and now I’ll be going to college for the next four years, becoming the first generation to do that.

First, I like to thank my guardian angel, Sheila Brennan. I have known Sheila for over a decade, but didn’t quite speak to her until the end of freshman year when I was struggling. From then we became closer and closer. She helped me with my college process and without her I wouldn’t be going to college.

Second, I want to thank my friends, Sarah Fallouh, Emma Chau, Abby Cane, Nick Volpe, Andrew Garcia, Eve Morris and Sam V. They have given me advice and helped me throughout the four years when I needed help and I truly appreciate them.

The last person I thank the most is my mother Dulce Lopez. My mother and I have been through so much during the past 18 years. We have had our ups and downs but in the end, we still love each other. My mother is my number one best friend who I wouldn’t change for the world. We have done everything together more than any other mother-daughter would have done and without her, I wouldn’t have gone to Saint Francis, Archbishop Carroll, and now Gettysburg College for this upcoming year.

There are skills you just can’t  learn in high school and these people were there for me to prepare me for the real world. Although I am the one graduating, it feels like we did this together. When I stand up on that stage at graduation, I’ll be looking at all of you. Thank you for teaching, supporting and pushing me in every subject in life.