Matthew Massaquoi

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Being at Carroll left me with a lot of things to remember but the people I’ll remember and appreciate the most are my friends.

Being a shy person at heart, I didn’t even think I would have that many friends at Carroll, so the fact that I can say I have so many that I can appreciate, whether they stayed all four years or left early on, is surprising to me. The friendships I made at this school made long days feel short, bad days feel good, and let me know that I always had something to look forward to in life even when life wasn’t always going so great for me. My friendships and experiences also helped me grow as a person over these last four years.

Like I said earlier, when I came to this school I was a very shy person who wasn’t really good at making friends. My middle school was a really small school where the people that went there I knew basically my whole life. Coming to a school with so many people that come from different places was overwhelming in the beginning, but the effect the people had on me helped me grow a lot. I gained more confidence in myself over the years and learned how to be more talkative. My classmates made this easy by not being that hard to talk to.

When we all move on from Carroll and start our new lives in college, what I look forward to seeing the most is seeing the people I enjoyed being around the most at this school start whatever their future will be, whether that’s college or a job or whatever makes them most happy after high school. The people I met were great, all the memories we made were incredible, and I hope my friends know how much I enjoyed all of them.