Sofia Angelichio

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Coming in my freshman year and worrying about a huge transition was very difficult.

Mrs. Cahill was my homeroom teacher, who ended up being my homeroom teacher up until junior year. She welcomed me with warm and loving arms as well as my classmates. She is a very genuine woman and really cares for her students a lot. Mrs. Cahill helped me and my homeroom classmates with being prompt to the start of school and looking our best before going to first period. She was like mine and others’ in-school mom; that is how much care she had and showed us. Her love and passion for science helped me out when I wasn’t doing too well and needed someone to better explain things for me. She would never turn me down and would help with everything, even if it was at a later date/time. She always made it happen. Mrs. Cahill taught me to always be nice to everyone and just try to help others if they need it.

Mrs. Mulligan was my freshman year Spanish teacher. Although she taught Spanish, she taught me life lessons and how to always care for everyone. If I was having a bad day, she would be there to talk to me and help me get through it. Even if I needed to ask a question about another subject, she was open to helping unless it was math-related, which is not her specialty. Her door was always open, even if she had a class at the time. She would let me come in when the kids were working and she wasn’t in the middle of teaching. After freshman year, we stayed in contact with each other and would sometimes check up on one another sometimes. I am so grateful for Mrs. Mulligan and her being there for me all four years.

Lastly, Ms. DiMattia is probably the sweetest woman in the world. She would always let me come to her office if I had to talk. She would brighten up my day just with her smile and lively personality. She helped me get through some of my roughest times and even when COVID hit and I went completely virtual, she contacted me quickly to have a Zoom meeting and catch up with each other. She taught me how to be calm with people like she was with me, because we don’t know what others are going through, but also how they will react.

I cannot thank these wonderful women enough for helping me make it through high school and become the person I am today.