Nathan Jones

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Before I even stepped foot in the halls of Carroll as a student, I already had a idea of what the student life was like. All three of my older sisters went to Carroll and loved it, which helped guide me to my decision to attend this school.

Going into my freshman year, I knew a few people going to Carroll but not many. This led me to start playing golf and joining the golf team. My first day of golf for Carroll was a warm summer day. It was quite nerve racking to be a new player who was not good by any means, walking onto the course and meeting all these new people, many of whom who were seniors. After playing with these guys for a few days, I had gotten to know them more and more. This helped me on my first days at Carroll, going in knowing some incoming freshman and then knowing some seniors helped me feel more at home.

Now four years later, me being a senior, my golf game has improved tremendously and I can hope to be the model for the younger players on the team like I had when I was a freshman.

Our fall season was cancelled a week before we were supposed to start due to COVID. Luckily we were able to have a season in the spring which just finished. We wanted to win the PCL championship for the first time in many years but came just short of our goal, finishing second in the PCL. Our team had four players get All Catholic honors, which is the most players in many years. Being a senior captain it was nice to be able to lead the team to a second place finish for the program that was my first experience with competitive golf.