Lona Krebs

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


It feels like just yesterday we were all little, annoying freshmen playing field games and having a picnic for our Day One and now we are all about to walk across a stage and receive our diplomas. Over my four years at Archbishop Carroll High School, the time has flown by. Even though every high school student has spent over 720 days going into their school building and learning through their teachers, it still does not feel like enough time. Eight hours a day for five days a week, some of which consist of much complaining of not wanting to be in school, does not feel like it was enough time when a student is less than a month away from graduation. 

The four years spent in high school consist of much more than just the average eight classes a year and retaining the information for later points in your life. While the things a student learns in school are very important, it is not as important as the memories they make with their classmates and teachers. Through my time spent at Archbishop Carroll, there are a million memories that I have created and will always remember. While I do wish to go back in time, it is not to rewrite my four years in high school, but instead to relive the moments I did have. 

Carroll has provided me with a plethora of memories. From laughing in any class at the class clown, to “rolling” with Carroll in the stands of the football field, to just hanging out with my friends who have become family through Carroll, they all have an impact on my life. 

I would like to thank Archbishop Carroll for the memories it has provided me with. I would like to thank ACHS for the teachers that have forever impacted my life and impacted me to become a teacher myself one day. I would like to thank Carroll for the students in the Class of 2021 who have all taught me lessons and brought me smiles. Thank you to my parents for knowing Carroll would be the best option for me. Lastly, I would like to thank Archbishop Carroll for accepting me and giving me the best four years that I could ever imagine.