Aiden Yearick

Class of 2021 senior goodbye

Dear Carroll, 

I’ve given you four years of my life. During this tenure, I’ve seen many faces come and go, friendships start and end. To be honest, it has been a long journey but one that I will always cherish.

It’s like almost yesterday I came walking through the front doors wearing a sweater vest because my mom thought it would look cute. However, I looked like a fool, as many of the seniors pointed and laughed. Although for many that memory can be haunting, for me it was just the start of a long journey.

Without Carroll I most certainly would not be the person I am today. It’s teachers lifted me up when I was low, and the friends I made carried me to the finish line. Although we’ve had our ups and downs, I will never forget the time I’ve spent here. These memories I cherish, and the lessons I shall remember. I want to thank you for the time well spent.

To the teachers who will be reading this: Being a teacher is hard; the future of society stands right before you. However, you’ve done it well, and will continue to be an inspiration for these future kids. I know some of these kids can be troubling, but remember we never know what they’ve been through and sometimes we just need to walk a mile in their shoes to truly understand. Continue being the light in people’s lives, for some of us have strayed from the path and just need a beacon to get back into it.

To the friends who are reading this: I love you all. You have truly made an impact on my life, and have carried me through the hardest moments of my life.

To you, the future classes of Carroll: keep your head up and keep moving forward. Life is hard; we all can see this through the pandemic. However, have faith in yourself and have faith in God. I promise you, no matter the circumstances, life will always get better.