Keri Barnett

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


I came to Carroll my junior year and although my time here has been short-lived, I will never forget all of the memories I’ve made these past two years.

I can remember my first day at Carroll like it was yesterday. Prior to my junior year, I did not know many people apart from the soccer and lacrosse teams. On my first day, I walked into my homeroom only knowing two people, one of whom was on the soccer team and the other of whom was on the lacrosse team. There was another girl, Julia B, that transferred at the same time as I so it helped that we were both in the same situation. I’m not necessarily the outgoing type of person so I didn’t start to warm up to Carroll until this year. 

The lacrosse team helped me to feel at home. I would like to thank them for welcoming me into their team so quickly and giving me my first group of friends at Carroll. During my senior year, we have gotten super close and I will be forever grateful for being a part of this team and awesome program. Even though I only had about a year and a half with them due to COVID-19, I feel like I have known them forever. Thank you for giving me some of my closest friends and for helping me to be the best player and person that I can be! A special thank you to Coach Beers, Brooke, and Mr. Hewitt for everything… I’ll miss everyone and all of the memories we have made together these past years!

I would also like to thank my soccer team and coaches for a great two years. It was awesome being a part of the first team to win the PCL! Thank you for all of our summer brunches, bus rides, and silly arguments with Tom that I will never forget! 

Finally, a big thanks to my family for everything and for giving me the opportunity to come to Carroll. These past two years have been unforgettable! It flew by, but I’ll be forever grateful to have been a part of this family, and I wish everyone the best in the future!