Rochelle Clerkin

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


One of my favorite parts of Archbishop Carroll is ACTS. Although I did not join ACTS until my junior year for the fall show, ACTS was an extremely important part of my time at Archbishop Carroll. When I first joined, I was worried that I would not enjoy it or that I would not fit in since I was joining so late. However, I met so many amazing people when I joined and I made a ton of new friends, and I regret not joining sooner. I have made so many amazing memories during my time in ACTS, both during rehearsals and during shows. I want to thank my ACTS family for helping me get through my junior and senior year and being so supportive and welcoming.

Another one of my favorite parts of Archbishop Carroll is my friends. Although school is stressful and often overwhelming, getting to see my friends every day (or every other day considering our hybrid schedule) makes it worth it. I will miss walking to class with my friends, passing them in the hallways, and making memories both inside and outside of school with them. I want to thank my friends for making coming to school worth it.

Another one of my favorite parts of Archbishop Carroll is the teachers. I always appreciate the teachers for trying to make learning as enjoyable as they can, and for being there for students when they are struggling and need help. I especially appreciate the teachers that make sure we know that they care and that they are here for us.