Kaylee Carr

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Throughout my four years here at Carroll, I have met many amazing people. I had many teachers who helped me through to get to where I am today. There is one teacher in particular who I became really close with and a teacher who never doubted me for a second.

I had Mr. Flannery freshman year and soon found out he would be leaving and a new teacher by the name of Ms. Gennaro would be coming in his place. I had only had Mr. Flannery for a few months and was already struggling in his class; now with a new teacher coming in I knew it wasn’t going to be good.

When Ms. Gennaro started teaching, she got to know each of her students and I immediately created a bond with her from day one. She taught the class I struggled most in, World History. I would dread that class everyday, but with her being my teacher it made the class so much better. After freshman year she was due to leave and teach at another school and that broke my heart. I was so upset that the one teacher who bonded with me and knew me was leaving to go to another school.

In the beginning of sophomore year, we received an email saying that Ms. Gennaro, who was now Mrs. Glowaczewski, would be coming back to Carroll. I was so excited to have her back. What was even better then having her back was that she was going to be my teacher again. Having a teacher that doesn’t just know the way you work but also the way you think is incredible.

Sophomore year was the last year that she taught me. Even though she didn’t teach me anymore I would still go and see her every chance that I got. Mrs. G is someone who made my Carroll experience truly incredible. She was there when I needed her most and she watched me grow over these four years, and for her I will be forever grateful. I had to say goodbye to her earlier than I would have liked this year because it was time for baby glow #2 to arrive. I knew the day was going to come eventually but it came a little to quickly for me. I miss going into her room every day and talking to her about whatever I had to spit off that day.

Mrs.Glowaczewski is one of those teachers who changed me for the better. She taught me lessons I didn’t think I needed to learn, in both the classroom and in the outside world. Thank you, Mrs. G! This is not a goodbye; it is a see you later.