Simon Bonenfant

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Today I would like to take the time to write about the people who have helped me reach my graduation from Archbishop Carroll. It has certainly been a long journey and I am thankful to everyone who has helped me along the way, even the people I didn’t mention here.

I would firstly like to thank my parents, Maria Ceferatti, and Ron Bonenfant. I consider them the most important part of my life. They are always supportive of everything I do and are always there for me helping me daily. I am forever grateful for their constant love and encouragement.

Next, I would like to thank a teacher who has helped me so much throughout my time at Carroll: Mr. Fryberger. From my first day at Carroll to my graduation, Mr. Fryberger has been my life line. When I first started at Carroll, it was agreed that Mr. Fryberger would help me access whatever I needed for classes, especially math.  He rose to the challenge with enthusiasm and intensity. Without him, I wouldn’t be the student I am today. 

I would like to thank my dedicated assistant and friend Gregory Adigwe. Through our time working together he has helped me tremendously by assisting  me to get to my classes, typing up assignments when needed, and most importantly being an amazing friend.

Next, I would like to thank the team at the Delaware County Intermediate Unit: Stephen Kuerschner, Pam Kuzmicki, and Holly Short. They have helped me tremendously by working with me to access my curriculum, giving me opportunities to grow my skill sets, and so much more.  

I would like to thank all the teachers that I have had throughout my time at Carroll. Through my interactions with all of you, I have become smarter, wiser, and gained new and insightful perspectives.  I would like to especially thank Father Spez, Mr. Kirsch, Mr. D’Amato, Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Gimpel and Mrs. Glowaczewski. Your commitment to teaching is exceptional and greatly appreciated. 

I would next like to thank all the students that I have interacted with throughout my time at Carroll. My fellow students have been so friendly and welcoming to me throughout my high school experience. I am proud to call many of you friends, and I am looking forward to seeing where your journey will take you all in the future. I’d like to especially thank Bridget Lau, Julia Cavanaugh, Schuyler Gock, and Ryan Holmes.

I also would like to thank the current and past administration for all their countless hours of hard work to make the school run so smoothly. I’d especially like to thank Mrs. Papantoniou, Mrs. Herrera, Mrs. Buchanan, Dr. Schulz, Mr. Gennaro, and Mr. Fox. 

In closing, I’d like to say thank you so so much to all of you mentioned here and many who I didn’t have the space to mention, for all of your support given to me. I am surrounded by a strong Carroll community. I  couldn’t ask for anything better.