Ky’Seanah “KJ” Johnson

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


My first week at Carroll I went in with friends that I went to grade school with thinking I would never make any new friends. I talked to different groups of people but nothing ever seemed to click. But, then people from my lunch table began to shift and people were always coming in and out. One day this blonde girl named Maddie came and sat with us and I thought she talked way too much especially because it was nine in the morning. She literally was always complaining about anything and everything, never did I think she would become my best friend. Fast forward three and a half years later I could not imagine life without her and our unbeatable trio.

A teacher who has left her mark on me would have to be Mrs. Mulligan. Let me be the first to tell you that we got off to a rocky start and if you would’ve asked me freshman year my opinion on Spanish I, it probably wouldn’t be what I would say now. The teachers at Carroll truly want the best for us and have the best intentions. I would not be the person I am today without Mrs. Mulligan’s influence and the influences of many teachers here.

Carroll has given me life long friendships that are unforgettable and I couldn’t be anymore thankful for every experience and opportunity I have been given, from amazing teachers and staff to the programs outside of Carroll like Cabrini. Carroll has genuinely been the best experience. Even with the bad, there were so many positives.

When I first shadowed here, one of the students told me that if there’s one thing about Carroll, it was that it was a community, and I can definitely say they were not lying. I am extremely proud to say that I attended Carroll all four years and I enjoyed every moment of it.